More New iPhone Add-ons

If you are like most people in the world, you have a mobile phone. How you treat that phone, and the accessories you purchase to enjoy your own use of it is an entirely individual expression. From the sleek and professional to the patterned... Read more →
Android Pattern Lockscreen

Securing Your Android Device With Screen Lock

It surprises me how many people don’t use the security features on their mobile phones. I’m not saying that your phone should be like Fort Knox, but preventing malicious and even friendly or misguided access is one of the first... Read more →
Apple iPhone App Store Logo

The Best Free iPhone Apps of 2013

Apple’s iPhone is undoubtedly the most well known and popular phone on the market. But like a General without an Army, the iPhone would be nothing without the apps. In October, 2013 there were over 1 million apps available to iPhone... Read more →
Google Android RAW Format

Android Phones to Support RAW

Google is all set to introduce a new Android camera which can support RAW camera files. Actually, the idea is to produce such a camera which can process totally uncompressed camera files or the files that need some editing and/or some touch-up... Read more →

The Best Productivity Apps For Android Devices

There is a diverse range of productive Android apps. According to a careful review of all the latest and in-market apps, following are the ones that stands out: SanDisk Memory Zone – SanDisk memory zone is a fantastic  productive Android... Read more →
iPhone5 FaceTime Audio

FaceTime Audio For Apple OSX

FaceTime audio is an integral part of VoIP technology induced by Apple for audio telephony. FaceTime can be used on any version of iOS and the Macintosh machines having OSX which is endowed with a faceTime camera. (Note: FaceTime camera of today’s... Read more →
HTC Gratia

HTC Gratia

HTC Gratia HTC are at it again! Yet another mobile phone! Introducing the HTC Gratia; available throughout the UK on major networks including: Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange and o2. Unlike American citizens who are confined to AT&T and the same... Read more →
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