LG Optimus 7 Review

This is my first look at the new Windows Phone 7 device and this is therefore a review of both the LG Optimus 7 and Windows Mobile 7. We hope to establish if Microsoft’s new offerings are enough to tempt Android and iPhone users away from these already established brands and if WP7 is going to be a real contender.

LG Optimus 7 e900 Blue

LG have partnered up with Redmond software giant Microsoft in a bid to play catchup? the two companies have joined forces to produced there latest offering the LG Optimus 7. LG’s hardware is coupled with Microsoft’s newest mobile operating system Windows Phone 7.

This new handset is yet another smart phone in an already extremely competitive market, don’t you think?


LG Optimus 7 Review

The Optimus handset has lower specs than some of the other Windows Phone 7 handsets, which is unusual as it is the latest offering on this mobile platform. It is similar in design to the LG Optimus 7Q [read review] in many ways. The Optimus 7 has no physical keyboard, but boasts a full QWERTY touch screen which is a pleasure on the fingers.

Microsoft set out some minimum specs a phone needs to have in order to run their mobile operating system, the Optimus 7 meets all of the minimum criteria, exceeding on some but not by anything spectacular. The Optimus 7 features internal storage capacity of 16GB. Unfortunately this storage cannot be expanded, this is far greater than the standard memories included with many of the Android devices (but not Apples iPhone 4 which comes in 16 and 32Gb models).


The camera is a standard 5 mega pixel, auto focus, led flash. Its pretty basic, the LED flash works well and is quite effective. The camera has no optical zoom and the digital zoom as with most, is nearing useless as it distorts the quality of the images.
LG Optimus 7 e900 Red


New smart phones in order to survive with such competitive trading conditions will need to host as many connectivity options as physically possible.
This handset does just that and is also quad band meaning Worldwide compatibility. The phone supports mobile internet technologies such as EDGE, GSM and HSDPA and supports the full connectivity package including WiFi, Bluetooth and USB data connection.
Overall, the network and connectivity features of the mobile phone seem quite decent.
LG E900 Optimus 7 – the Look


Optimus 7 by LG is drop-dead gorgeous, the addition of WP7 makes it truly irresistible. The look coupled with clear and user centric display features will make it one of the most sought after handsets and possibly the most popular Windows Phone 7 handset to date. The face of this phone is covered by a beautiful touch screen display. Towards the bottom of the screen, one will find the physical touch sensitive navigational keys. The keys feature the famous Windows logo (centre), back (left) and search (right) LG have placed there branding on the top and rear of the handset.


I was taken back by the clarity of the display and Microsoft’s simple colour scheme which just seems right. The display screen is TFT capacitive touch screen and sized 3.8 inches diagonally. The 3.8 Inch screen is 480×800 pixels and can display 16 million colours (more than the human eye can differentiate between). The best parts of the display for me are the included accelerometer sensor for UI auto rotate (which is becoming a standard feature for smart phones across the board), multi touch input (great for zoom). Because of the high resolution playing movies and gaming on this phone is a pleasure. Obviously the screen is still quite small compared to others on the market but still a good experience when travelling etc.


Ensuring there is enough memory for all of your applications, music and files has been something I believe LG have incorporated very well into this handset. Users have a fixed internal memory of 16Gb (which can not be upgraded).
The E900 comes with 512MB of RAM which should be plenty for your needs.

Camera / Multimedia

Cameras have become an important part of the decision making process when purchasing a new phone. The LG Optimus 7 comes with a pretty good camera capable of capturing 5 mega pixel images which can also be geo tagged! Video recording is in high definition 720p, which is higher than average for a phone of its class. The LG Optimus has an LED flash which is fine in dim light but useless at night (like most other LED equip handsets).

LG E900
Besides the camera, there are other multimedia features of this phone including a multimedia player (audio and video), which turns out to be a good general player plays the common file types such as MP3/ WAV/ WMA/ eAAC+/ MP4/ H.264/ H.263/ WMV files. With the internal storage you have plenty of space to store all of your favourite artists and a movie or two.

Overall, LG E900 Optimus 7 is set to be a strong contender to other Windows Phone 7 devices. As the first phone released by LG it will no doubt form the basis for comparison in the future. I am very impressed with Windows Phone 7 and expect to see more from them in the future, Im not 100% certain this handset does the OS complete justice at the moment. However as this is LG’s first implementation and Microsofts latest mobile operating system, things can only get better, right?
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Video Review of LG Optimus 7

Thanks to PhoneArena.com @ youtube


LG Optimus 7 Specs

Operating System: Windows Phone 7
Internal Storage: 16GB
Screen: size3.8 inches WVGA resolution; 800×480
Connectivity options: Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi a,b,g,n, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA
Headphone connection: 3.5mm jack
Camera: 5MP (no front facing camera)
Video mode: VGA, 720p
Video res: 1280×720
Handset Dimensions: 125mm x 60mm x 12mm
Handset Weight: 157g

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