o2 android

o2 Android Blunders

While other network operators have had relative success rolling out the latest version of Google’s Android OS, o2 is quite the exception. It’s exclusive tablet the Dell Streak has been one such victim the other the HTC Desire.
According to users of these devices some have missing features, faults and even become bricked when installing o2’s most recent updates.

So called ‘faults’ include: –
Missing contacts, media play back errors, missing widgets from the desktop and a host of others.

Seems pretty unacceptable to me, I had the Orange branded interface on my Desire and boy was I glad to create my gold card and get off as quick as possible. Each network ‘tries’ to create its own version of the operating system with there own defining features this delays the update process and as we can see from o2s roll out they didn’t invest enough time into ensure the devices were compatible with the devices before signing off.

Should I upgrade my Android handset?

If your phone tells you there is an update waiting, I would recommend doing a few searches before preforming any updates. The chances are it will be fine but I wouldn’t want to be the one who gets the £400 brick.
Always make sure you have enough battery and ensure you have good WiFi connectivity before you preform any updates to your phone

o2 android

o2 android

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