Nokia C7 Review

In the last month Nokia released a their latest addition to the famous C series range of handsets. This latest model Nokia C7 is similarly matched when comparing its parameters to the company’s current top model Nokia N8.

Nokia C7


Nokia C7 Review

The phone boasts a 680Mhz CPU and 256MB of RAM give it an edge over its predecessors like the C6 and 5800XM which both have measly 454MHz CPU and only 128MB of RAM, which we think is pretty inadequate for the modern Smartphone, with ever increasing demand from applications and phone users alike, lets not forget the ever expanding Symbian operating system. The AMOLED capacitive display is another great addition to the “mid” C series, providing a bright screen even in daylight conditions.
Sadly there is no such thing as a perfect phone and with most of the current devices focused almost solely on multimedia functionality; the very average fixed focus camera which comes with the C7 is not anything to write home about. Still, the camera provides 8 mega pixel, meaning that it will capture large photographs. Such a poor quality camera does however leave a bad taste in your mouth.
Nokia C7
Main characteristics of the model are:
• You will be able to use your new phone anywhere in the world with its full support for GSM and 3rd generation networks.
• The processor and memory will be enough for almost all tasks you would want completed, from Internet browsing to in car SatNav, while multi tasking other applications.
• Thickness is 10.5mm, impressive enough, even if not the thinnest on the market
• 3.5” AMOLED 16 million colors display, one of the best in the industry will allow great visibility both indoors and out on the sun.
• 8MP fixed focus camera, with the ability to capture 720p HD video, 25fps. Applications on this phone also support geotagging and face recognition.
• It is smartphone, so it has operating system – Symbian 3 OS. Even though it looks little old fashioned compared to the iOS and Android phones, it shares many of the functions which have propelled both of the named operating systems to stardom in recent years.
• A-GPS assisted GPS receiver. You also receive a life long subscription to Nokia OVI Maps voice navigation suite. Which is the first I have seen. The subscription means you get fully a functional satnav device, till the phone dies or Nokia go bust.
• The phone supports multimedia formats DivX and XviD allowing you to watch movies on your Nokia.
• Flash and JAVA support for the phones web browser. A huge advantage over the S60’s Lite versions of flash ‘FlashLite’, it will allow you to watch popular video sharing sites YouTube amongst others.
• Stereo FM RDS radio is integrated, so you will be able to listen to radio stations. Unlike many other phones, this one comes with an FM transmitter integrated within, allowing you to transmit audio to your cars stereo system wirelessly.
• Various other little useful advantages, such as a massive 8GB of onboard storage space, support for Stereo Bluetooth v3.0 and voice commands are all popular features of this handset.

The packaging of Nokia C7 doesn’t look great. Inside all that is included, is a charger, the USB data cable, instruction manual and the headphones. The contents following a minimalist trend set by other manufacturers.

Would a set of headphones really hurt?

The new contender on the market of smartphone operation systems, Symbian 3 which is all-round a more refined device than all of its predecessors, with many customisations available on the user interface. This phone is the first step forward for Nokia in a while.
On the “phone” side of Nokia C7, it is a functional handset complete with phone book, excellent sound quality, very good reception, receptiveness, clarity what more can you ask for?
The Internet browser is great, just one annoyance so far – no auto text size correction. On the other hand, full flash support is something which we still do not see in the most popular smartphone manufacturer’s devices yet.
The integrated mail client is simple, packing plenty of functionality, Applications such as Facebook and Skype are ready to go out of the box.
Overall C7 is great successor to the C6, don’t let the lack of hardware QWERTY keyboard put you off if your in the market to upgrade. It may not be the right phone for the hobbyist photographer, or the app’tastic device both Apple and Android have, but it is for anyone used to Nokia handsets, anyone after a reasonable and reliable handset and those stuck for choice. One piece of advice: if you have little more cash, look at getting the Nokia N8.
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User Review Nokia C7

Reviewed by:Ken on 08/12/2010

I brought the C7 recently, at the moment i am pretty pleased with the handset and the new os from Nokia symbian^3, it is much better than the previous version on the Nokia c6 which i absolutely hated and took back within my 14 day cooling off period, which was lucky as i thought i might be lumbered with it! I am much happier with this new C7 and it was well worth the wait. FYI: this phone is not anything like apples iphone 4, in retrospect it doesn’t come with the hefty price tag though!
– a new Symbian v3 Operating system. Responds quicker; speedier. A massive difference from the previous model OS
– has 8Gb of internal storage and you can upgrade it! I don’t really think ill ever need more than this, there is no need for micro sd
– AmoLED is so clear for both pictures and video. amazing clarity
– Capacitive touch screen display, is quick and accurate.
– I love the fact there is a setting which allows you to type in alphanumeric keypad style or fell qwerty! Makes moving from a normal keypad way easier for banging out text messages, for me at least!
– 8mp camera, many smartphones are much less mega pixels than this (cough: iPhone 4)
– colour is cool! Love the brownness makes it unique and classy looking compared to all those generic black ones.
– strong casing and body, c6 looks cheap compared to this one and the c6 used to scratch loads. not the c7!
– weight is less than the c6 which used to pull my trousers down sometimes.
– mine came with a case made of ‘genuine leather’ amazing! saves me time looking for another case to satisfy my OCD!

– finger prints linger on the screen, i have to keep wiping the screen all the time, which is getting annoying. only a minor issue though
– its not up to the same standard as the iPhone4, I want one.. i just cant afford it.

As I have only had the phone for a short while (less than 1 week), Ive not had a chance to check out all features on the phone but I am learning to love this little phone.
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Video Review of LG Optimus 7

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Nokia C7 Specs

# 3.5-inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen display
# 640 by 360 pixel resolution
# WCDMA up to 2100 support
# GSM up to 1900 support
# 8GB internal memory
# external microSD memory card up to 32GB
# High Definition 720p Video recording
# High Definition Video playback
# 8MP camera with Dual LED flash, HD video
# GPS with free OVI Maps satnav software
# Wi-Fi G and N
# Bluetooth 3.0
# Micro-USB connection for charging and data transfer
# 3.5mm headset jack
# Symbian v3
# Social network integration

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Nokia N8 Reviews

The new Nokia N8 has to be one of Nokia’s best releases in recent years. The Nokia n8 release date UK is set as 23 rd September 22 nd October. Nokia have been delaying this phones release for sometime, rumour has it that there are shortages of key parts which is much the same problems as HTC when faced with the demand for the Desire.

Possibly the most exciting feature of this phone is the high quality alloy finish unicase and of cause massive 12 mega pixel camera with xenon flash and auto focus.


Nokia N8 Review UK

The Nokia comes in a range of colours including: – white silver, dark grey, orange, blue and green aluminium chassis*. The N8 has a massive 3.5 inches screen and packs in an incredible 640 x 360 pixels making the phone HD. The handset is capable of displaying some 16.7 million colours more than the human eye is capable of recognising! The screen can detect the brightness or dimness of light and automatically configure the brightness of the screen potentially saving precious battery juice.

Battery life is quoted as being quite reliable from the 1200 mAh battery: stand by 400 hours maximum, talk time average ~ 500 mins. In my experience these figures are nearly always incorrectly published and the true figure is often a lot worse than that stated. However a reliable source claims“ one day’s usage shouldn’t be a problem.” Nokia have decided to build the battery into the case like Apple which means you will be unable to replace it easily or clean it.

Nokia N8 Camera

I mentioned earlier about the camera on this handset being its best asset it comes with a xenon flash allowing you to take some pretty decent photos compared to most handsets which come with LED flashes. The addition of a decent flash to the N series is hopefully progress which will continue to the N9, N10 etc. Other handsets with Xenon flashes and high megapixel: Motorola Milestone xt720

The phone comes with autofocus & face recognition settings. Zooming on this handsets a bit of let down, the phone has 2 x zoom but its digital only. Digital zoom can distort images significantly. When saving your photos there are multiple output options including the popular JPEG format.
Geo-tagging feature can be enabled which adds some location information from the GPS receiver to the photo / video file. This would allow you to accurately identify the photos source at a later date. Great stuff!

Video can be shot in 720P (1080p is the current highest) and 25 fps.

Social Integration

All smart phones today have social media integration which is bridging the gap between the Internet and our portable hand held devices. and the Nokia N8 is no exception to this.

There’s a close integration with the your phones contacts and a link in your contacts details will open the social application with the contacts Facebook or Twitter info. It pulls in their profile photos too. You can even send your friend a Twitter message, Facebook message, or email from the information pulled from the www or browse their profile amongst other things.

One unique feature of the N8 is the ability to add your location to any status update via gps technology

As a Sat Nav

The Nokia N8 mobile unlike other mobile manufacturers comes with free voice guided sat nav. Which in itself is a great saving if you use satellite navigation regularity. Maps can be cached on the device prior to any journey using ‘Nokia maps loader’, this will avoid any unnecessary data fees.


At first I was impressed with the phone, it is pleasing to the eye and has good specifications, free satnav, 12 mega pixel zeon flash with autofocus and HDMI out. But the phone is slower and therefore less responsive than other competing brands namely HTC and Apple who’s devices in my opinion are far superior. Don’t get me wrong its OK it just isn’t great.

*Colour availability varies by country
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Video review Nokia N8


N8 Specifications

Frequency Dual Band
Phone Style

OS Symbian v3
Thickness 12.9mm
Length 113.5mm
Width 59.1mm
Weight 135g
Built-in Memory 16GB
Additional Memory 32GB MicroSD
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB
Screen Size 360 x 640 pixels, 3.5-inches
Screen Colours 16M colours
Camera Resolution 12 megapixels
Flash Yes
Music Player Yes
Music Formats MP3/WMA/WAV/eAAC+ player
Radio Sterero FM
Internet Yes
Games Yes
Battery 12h30min hrs talktime, 390hrs standby
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Nokia 2330 Classic Review

Nokia 2330 Classic Candy bar style mobile phone review, a refreshing design from Nokia without all of the bloat we have come to expect from smartphones[…]


Nokia 2330 Classic front view
Nokia 2330 Classic front view

The Nokia 2330 mobile phone is a straightforward handset from Nokia, a simple phone in a complicated and bloated smartphone market. It’s refreshing to see a classically designed handset like this one from Nokia.
The ‘candy bar’ style handset is available in Black or red trim around the TFT screen the phone sides are laced with silver, the keypad is silver and the rear is rubberised black material helping with grip.

The Nokia 2300 comes with 1.8 inches of screen providing 65k colours and 128 x 160 resolution. It weighs just 90g and has dimensions of 107 * 46 * 13.8mm so is one of the smallest candy bar phones available in the UK.
Something I love about Nokia mobile phones is that they all seem to come with Snake, this phone being no exception. Snake always helped me to pass away time when on public transport. More games can be downloaded from the handset some true classics right there.

The 2330 gives access to the Internet which allows you to download new games as well as browse the internet albeit a more limited experience than some of the other smartphones manufactured recently.
Internal memory is 32Mb, enough to store VGA photos and a few mp3s but nothing major. When the memory gets full you can transfer your files to a compatible PC via USB cable or Bluetooth and visa versa you can copy media / files to this mobile phone. As well as having Bluetooth the 2330 has GPRS / EDGE connectivity giving a relatively speedy Internet experience. Just make sure you get a suitable data package if you plan to download as there is no WiFi on this phone.

The 2330 Classic has excellent battery life up to 4.8 hours talk time and can be charged by mains or USB adapter unlike most phones built today which last less than a day on standby!

An integrated camera is fixed to the rear of the chassis producing VGA quality photos and video recordings @ 15 frames per second.

Overall points : –
This phone provides the classic Nokia experience with easy to navigate menus and phonebook we have come to expect from Nokia.
The multimedia camera and video are ok but not great. Perfect for a first phone or upgrade from an older Nokia and / or candy bar style phone.

[easyreview title=”Nokia 2330 Classic” cat1title=”Design” cat1detail=”Basic Candy bar style.” cat1rating=”3.0″ cat2title=”Weight” cat2detail=”Light Weight mobile phone, pocket friendly.” cat2rating=”4.0″ cat3title=”Features” cat3detail=”FM Radio, Snake, Internet.” cat3rating=”2.5″ cat4title=”Battery Life” cat4detail=”4.8 Hours Talk time, Perfect” cat4rating=”5.0″ cat5title=”Phone Cost” cat5detail=”Budget handset, cheap on Pay Monthly Contract and Pay As You Go” cat5rating=”4.5″ summary=”A good budget handset or spare mobile phone. Don’t expect too much from it.”]
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Nokia 2330 Classic Specifications

General 2G Network GSM 900 / 1800
GSM 850 / 1900 – US version
Announced 2008, November
Status Available. Released 2009, June
Size Dimensions 107 x 46 x 13.8 mm, 57 cc
Weight 80 g
Display Type TFT, 65K colors
Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inches
– 5-way navigation key
Sound Alert types Vibration, MP3 ringtones
Speakerphone Yes
– 2.5 mm audio jack
Memory Phonebook 1000 entries
Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Internal 10 MB
Card slot No
Data GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
3G No
Bluetooth Yes, v2.0
Infrared port No
Camera Primary VGA, 640×480 pixels
Video Yes, 128×96 @ 6fps
Secondary No
Features Messaging SMS, MMS, Email
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML
Radio Stereo FM radio; broadcast recording
Games Yes
Colors Black, Deep red
Java Yes, MIDP 2.1
– H.263 player
– MP3/AAC player
– Organizer
– Voice memo
– T9
Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 1020 mAh (BL-5C)
Stand-by Up to 528 h
Talk time Up to 4 h
Standard battery, Li-Ion 860 mAh (BL-5CA)

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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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