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4 months ago I bought my HTC Desire along with the Zagg Invisible Shield to protect the beautiful 3.7 inch screen. I bought the full body shield for the HTC Desire as a screen protector which direct from Zagg cost £17 at the time of purchase and comes with an amazing lifetime warranty from the manufacturers. The Zagg Invisible shield upon my initial inspection is thinner than other options such as external cases which made the big phone bigger so to speak. My intention when installing the Invisible shield was simply to protect it from scratches and it works very well as a scratch shield.


Installing the Zagg Invisible Shield, I highly recommend watching some of the youtube videos before continuing. Don’t expect to install this in a lunch break either, it took me about 45 minutes to install. The Zagg Invisible Shield is an absolute pain to install so please take your time!
After installing the shield to the front buttons and touchscreen display I had already decided not to install the back and sides because I might just have had to make a claim on my mobile phone insurance. Make sure you use the sponge and ‘credit card’ applicator tool to remove air bubbles and correctly lubricate the shield.
From what I have read from people with other compatible devices I might have had a lucky break not installing the rear shield. According to several popular blogs which I subscribe to the front is the easiest part of the installation.

Operation over the last 4 months

Firstly I managed to get two small grains of dust under my screen when my cat came to investigate and knocked my screen protector on to my desk attracting some dust unfortunately. Compared with another HTC Desire without the Zagg Invisible shield seems to attract more finger prints and facial grease. The only noticeable negative effects of Zagg’s Invisible Shield is that mine seems to require slightly more effort in order to operate the captive touchscreen, my finger doesn’t glide as well as it used to.

I’ve uploaded a couple of photos of the invisible shield so that you can see the effects after 4 months. The edge of the screen cover has changed colour to a slightly grey / white colour which I suspect is due to dust clinging to the sticky substance which binds the protector to the screen.
HTC Desire Zagg Case


I am very happy with my Zagg invisible shield even though it is quite expensive for a screen protector. I will not be trying to destruct it any time soon! I am confident that there guarantee policy will protect my screen should anything happen to it and will be using Zagg Invisible shield in the future on my next touch screen devices.

Video Review HTC Desire Screen Protector

Invisible Shield Supported Devices

LCD Screen protector
Many of the most popular devices such as: –
Apple iPhone 3gs, Apple iPhone4, Motorola Droid X, Palm Pre, iPod Touch and Apple iPad are supported by the Zagg Invisible shield amongst many others in full or just screen protection.

Have you got an experience with the Zagg Invisible Shield? Had problems installing it? Leave your comments below!

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