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If you are like most people in the world, you have a mobile phone. How you treat that phone, and the accessories you purchase to enjoy your own use of it is an entirely individual expression. From the sleek and professional to the patterned and distinctly unique, you phone choice is only the beginning now – it is what you do with it, once you have it in hand.

Luckily, in today’s world there are many more gadgets, extensions and accessories for your cell phones then there are different types of phones. If the phone is simply the means to tap into more things you can personalise, you are in luck… there’s likely an app for that too, no doubt.

If you want to find anything from spare power supplies to unique covers and cases, the web will answer a lot of your needs. Have a look at some of these recent sites’ offerings as example of what’s out there to help you get more out of your phone, and its use:

• A little of this, a little of that: the number of different accessories you can find to better use your phone now is a bit daunting. From covers, to power supplies and car holders, to screen protectors, desk stands, speaker sets and more, you can find ways to protect, view and enjoy your devices wherever it is best for you. Have a look at Mobile Fun – and see if inspiration does not leap out at you!

• Powering-up, anywhere: Nothing is worse than a dead cell phone battery, and nowhere to plug it in to recharge. With the new Upp, (which is reviewed in detail at that site) you can rely on the power of hydrogen to keep your phones on the go. And yes, you are reading it correctly: it is hydrogen powered. Although it sounds incredible, the article points out that this unique new power supply is not without its own set of challenges to overcome.

However, the indication of where this is going, in terms of non-electric charging and battery supplies is certainly exciting to think about, in terms of cell phone mobility. Imagine being able to go out to the woods for a week, and know you always can stay connected…the Upp may be a great first step to help you get out in the wild.

• Phones on the go: Not everything you want for your phone could be determined a need, and that is where a site like Red 5 can come in handy. These accessories help you take your phone on the go, and out into the action with items like waterproof cases, headsets to enjoy virtual reality, extendable arms to hold the camera/phone while you play…the list seems virtually endless. They even have robots now that you can control with your smartphone, and of course, you can find them here. So looking at a site like this can help you to consider new ways to use your phone, and maybe start to explore and expand the ideas of what it can actually do for you. Want to take it underwater, or into extreme conditions? No problem.

The idea of a mobile phone is to keep it with you wherever you need to go. While in theory, that has always been the case, in reality it is only recently, through the advent of better accessories, programs and apps that it is truly becoming possible. Running back to the flat every couple hours to recharge simply takes the fun out of your activities. Power supplies, more durable cases to protect, and various extensions and tools to get more out of your phone are all smart ways to get more lifetime value out of each device.

PNY 8GB Micro SDHC Mobile Phone Memory Card

Running out of space? Upgrade your smartphone memory
The PNY 8Gb is suitable for most modern mobile phones and will provide a welcomed expansion to the limited memory provided with most handsets.
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PNY 8GB Micro SDHC Memory Card
PNY 8GB Micro SDHC Memory Card

Most popular supported phones reviewed by Wkd Mobiles

  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Wildfire
  • Samsung Galaxy S i9000
  • Apple iPhone 4
  • Blackberry Pearl 9105
  • and more..

More information on the PNY 8Gb SDHC Memory

About Micro SD HC

Micro SD High Capacity (SDHCTM) card is the latest Micro SD memory card. Micro SDHC memory allows Micro SD cards to reach higher capacities from 4Gb up to 32Gb.
Micro SDHC is not backward compatible so always check your manual to ensure your memory is compatible, if you do go ahead and order from they provide a cooling off period with product purchases.


Zagg Invisible Shield Review for HTC Desire

buy screen protector

4 months ago I bought my HTC Desire along with the Zagg Invisible Shield to protect the beautiful 3.7 inch screen. I bought the full body shield for the HTC Desire as a screen protector which direct from Zagg cost £17 at the time of purchase and comes with an amazing lifetime warranty from the manufacturers. The Zagg Invisible shield upon my initial inspection is thinner than other options such as external cases which made the big phone bigger so to speak. My intention when installing the Invisible shield was simply to protect it from scratches and it works very well as a scratch shield.


Installing the Zagg Invisible Shield, I highly recommend watching some of the youtube videos before continuing. Don’t expect to install this in a lunch break either, it took me about 45 minutes to install. The Zagg Invisible Shield is an absolute pain to install so please take your time!
After installing the shield to the front buttons and touchscreen display I had already decided not to install the back and sides because I might just have had to make a claim on my mobile phone insurance. Make sure you use the sponge and ‘credit card’ applicator tool to remove air bubbles and correctly lubricate the shield.
From what I have read from people with other compatible devices I might have had a lucky break not installing the rear shield. According to several popular blogs which I subscribe to the front is the easiest part of the installation.

Operation over the last 4 months

Firstly I managed to get two small grains of dust under my screen when my cat came to investigate and knocked my screen protector on to my desk attracting some dust unfortunately. Compared with another HTC Desire without the Zagg Invisible shield seems to attract more finger prints and facial grease. The only noticeable negative effects of Zagg’s Invisible Shield is that mine seems to require slightly more effort in order to operate the captive touchscreen, my finger doesn’t glide as well as it used to.

I’ve uploaded a couple of photos of the invisible shield so that you can see the effects after 4 months. The edge of the screen cover has changed colour to a slightly grey / white colour which I suspect is due to dust clinging to the sticky substance which binds the protector to the screen.
HTC Desire Zagg Case


I am very happy with my Zagg invisible shield even though it is quite expensive for a screen protector. I will not be trying to destruct it any time soon! I am confident that there guarantee policy will protect my screen should anything happen to it and will be using Zagg Invisible shield in the future on my next touch screen devices.

Video Review HTC Desire Screen Protector

Invisible Shield Supported Devices

LCD Screen protector
Many of the most popular devices such as: –
Apple iPhone 3gs, Apple iPhone4, Motorola Droid X, Palm Pre, iPod Touch and Apple iPad are supported by the Zagg Invisible shield amongst many others in full or just screen protection.

Have you got an experience with the Zagg Invisible Shield? Had problems installing it? Leave your comments below!