Samsung i9000 Galaxy S screen protector

Protect your Samsung i9000 phone against unnecessary scratches by getting a screen protector for it.

Reasons for getting a screen protector : –

  • Keeps the screen free from scratches
  • Ensures your phone holds its value at the end of the contract period when you might want to sell the mobile phone
  • Extends the life of your mobile phone
  • Allows the screen to stay bright underneath the protector.
  • One great thing about this particular deal is that it comes with two screen protectors. When one dims, peels or tears you can simply remove the expired screen protector and install a fresh one. The ones from PrePayMania will cost you just over £1 per screen protector which in my opinion is a bargain!

    The Samsung Galaxy Screen Guard has been specially built for the Galaxy i9000 to cover the front of the phone.

    Galaxy S i9000 Screen Protector just £1.37

    Key Features of this screen protector : –

  • Doesn’t reduce your viewing experience
  • High quality material
  • Two of them!
  • Quick and easy to install and remove
  • Protects from dust, scratches dirt and general abrasion

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